Four New Titles by Robin Sampson Coming Soon!

Get ready for an inspiring literary journey as bestselling author Robin Sampson prepares to release four new titles this spring, each infused with her renowned Bible teachings and deep understanding of human relationships.

As a celebrated author known for her insightful biblical analysis and profound connection insights, Sampson's upcoming releases are highly anticipated additions to her extensive collection of impactful works.

Jesus in the
Biblical Holidays

See how the Old Testament holidays reveal Christ's life, death, resurrection, and promise of return, offering a deeper understanding of Christian faith and heritage. 

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When the Bond Breaks

A Christian Guide to Hope and Healing from Adult Child Estrangement. One in four families face adult child estrangement. This guide offers steps for reconciliation.

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Guard Your Heart

A Christian Guide to Boundaries and Overcoming Codependency and Anxiety. Find freedom in your relationships through boundaries, faith-based insights, and transformative practices.

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Bible Women

Reflections on Feminine Energy, Strength, and Faith. Reflecting on their stories. Gain wisdom and inspiration from their timeless narratives.

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The Bible Can be Overwhelming

The Bible is not written in chronological order, and some events are repeated in different books, written by different authors, to different audiences, and for different purposes. Placing the events you are reading about in their correct historical context helps you understand what you’re reading. 

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