Jesus in the Biblical Holidays

Bible Journal Classes

by Robin Sampson-McCarthy


The First Spring Holiday: Uncover Jesus' powerful presence in the Passover: Explore the profound connections in this life-changing class.

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Unleavened Bread

The SecondĀ Spring Holiday: Discover the profound significance of Unleavened Bread and its revelations about Jesus in this transformative class.

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The ThirdĀ Spring Holiday: Experience the resurrection power of Firstfruits and its connection to Jesus' triumph in this enlightening class.

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Feast of Weeks

The Fourth Spring Holiday (Pentecost or Shavuot): Ignite your faith with the fire of Pentecost. Unveil Jesus' profound role in this empowering class.

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Feast of Trumpets

Ā The FirstĀ Fall Holiday:Ā Hear the shofar's call: Uncover Jesus' return through the Feast of Trumpets in this revelatory class.

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Day of Atonement

The SecondĀ Fall Holiday:Ā Encounter Jesus, our Ultimate Atonement: Explore Yom Kippur's deep connections in this transformative class.

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Feasts or Tabernacles

The Third Fall Holiday: Dwell in Jesus' presence: In this illuminating class, you will discover Sukkot's rich insights about our Savior who tabernacled among us.

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Ignite your faith with Hanukkah's light: Uncover Jesus' miracles and dedicate yourself anew in this inspiring class.

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Unmask Jesus' hidden hand in Purim: Explore God's providence and salvation in this captivating class.


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12 Bible Eras Bible Journaling Classes

Learn the Bible chronologically through 12 Eras in 12 months. Chronologially from Genesis to the Early Church.Ā 

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