Titles of Christ 

Jesus' name is more powerful than anything in Heaven and Earth. We know him as Jesus, but he was born with the Hebrew name Yeshua. Study 30 more names in these lessons.



Hi, I'm Robin Sampson McCarthy. You can learn more about me here. I have a lot of other names!

  • My mother called me "Lit' Bit" unless she was really angry with me; then she shouted, "Robin Renee!"
  • My husband¬†calls me Sweetheart.
  • I can still hear my¬†sweet grandmother's melodic voice calling me Rooobbiiin with extra syllables.
  • My nine children called me Mommy when they were younger and now my eight grown children call me Mom.
  • One of my daughters graduated to Heaven at age thirty-six, and I long to hear "Mom" from her when are joined together again.¬†
  • My Sunday school children called me Miss Robin or Teacher.
  • A long time ago, I was a police officer and I got called a lot of names I won't mention, but usually, I was called Officer and eventually Detective.
  • My grandchildren call me Marmie.
  • I have t-Shirts that label me "Marine Mom."
  • Amazon refers to me as an author.¬†
  • When I speak at conferences I am introduced as a 30-year home school veteran or Bible study teacher.¬†
  • To my cardiologist, I'm the¬†CABG¬†patient.
  • To my dogs, I am the "Treat Giver" and "Pooper Scooper." :)

Do you feel that you know me a little better by reading a little about what others call me?

That is what this class is about‚ÄĒgetting to know Jesus better by studying his character, his qualities, and his attributes.

When you have a relationship with someone, you want to know their name but also their qualities. We can build a closer intimate relationship with God by getting to know Jesus' names.





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