The Ultimate Guide to Treasure Journaling

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A Treasure Journal is a junk journal with scripture. What is a junk journal? It is a hand-made book made up of pages from just about anything you can think of (ephemera, homemade paper, old letters, etc.) as a way to collect memories, quotes, thoughts, etc.  

The Treasure Journal below was made by Amy Bedham. It is made from printable pages from the 12 Bible Era Overview Kit downloaded from the computer, created specifically for a Bible study of the 12 Bible Eras. 

12 Era Bible Overview Class!

Enroll here to learn the 12 Era Framework in 30 Days to learn to identify the Bible’s major stories, key people, and be able to put them into a timeline. Understanding the Bible’s big picture will help you see God’s plan through Christ from Creation to Revelation. Join anytime.


The course is for Christians who want to get a grasp on the Bible’s big picture even though they have limited time. In less than 30 days you can get a good grasp of the entire Bible. We will cover all the major men and women, and all the major events chronologically using repetition at specific intervals to ensure you remember the main facts.

Class Freebies!

Download the pdfs and/or zip files below from the 12 Bible Era class. 

Bible Journal though the Lessons

As we view each era, we will Bible journal the main people, major events and a bit of geography. You can Bible journal:

  • In your Bible
  • In a notebook
  • In a junk journal (once you add scripture it becomes a Treasure Journal) 
  • On Memory Dex Cards 
  • Options will be explained more in the class.

For the entire 20 lessons, you will have one-on-one support with Robin through the Facebook Group.

Blessed Bible Journal Bundle

If you want everything—the Treasure Journal pages and the memory Dex Cards—you want the Blessed Bundle. If you plan on journaling in your Bible, you may prefer the Blessed Kit. See all options here

I needed more Treasure Journal pages so I made a second set. Get it here.


Making a Treasure Journal

Treasure Journal Pages included in the Bundle or separately