I homeschooled my nine children for over thirty years. In 1986, I had four school-age children and a toddler and began homeschooling. In 1990, I founded our family business, Family Christian Academy (FCA), an umbrella school and chain of six bookstores that became one of the largest suppliers of Christian home education materials in the United States.

I wrote several best-selling homeschool books for Christian homeschoolers while running FCA as a family business. I was a speaker at home education conferences and contributed to leading homeschooling magazines. I had two more children. 

In 2000, I remarried, had two more children, and wrote several books on Bible and the Biblical Holidays. My oldest daughter, Belinda, took over FCA (which she still runs today).  After I taught my second daughter, Rebecca, graphic design, she started her business, Well Planned Gal

In 2010, I launched an Etsy shop selling digital scrapbook kits. When the Bible journaling trend began in 2015, I discovered my true calling and began designing Bible journal kits. I started combining my Bible studies with Bible journaling and teaching online here, at BibleJournalClasses.com, a non-profit organization. 

12 Bible Era Bible Journal Classes is my magnum opus, teaching the Bible through 12 historical eras.

You can read more about me here: 

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 A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays, Ancient History: Adam to Messiah, The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach, What Your Child Needs to Know When, Wisdom Unit Study, and Adam to Abraham Unit Study.

My Bible journal kits can be found at the BibleJournalLove Etsy Shop.


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Non-Profit Organization

Proceeds from BibleJournalClasses.com and the BibleJournalLove Etsy shop automatically go to pay overhead and support several ministries every month: BibleProject.com, Hayovel.com, Bridges for Peace, and Torahclass.com. These ministries are devoted to making Bible resources available. I hope you can visit each site and take advantage of these excellent resources.