What is a Treasure Journal?


Bible journaling puts a fresh spin on the old "junk journal" concept. Let's call it what it really is - a Treasure Journal! Because when you take time to reflect on scripture and record your thoughts prayerfully, you're capturing true gems. Those journal pages become a stash of personal faith discoveries worth more than flecks of paint or scraps of ribbon. They hold your stories, insights, questions, and praises—treasures only you could unearth by opening your heart to God's Word.

So let your Bible journaling be a Treasure Journal. Fill it by digging deep into the richness of scripture, uncovering holy wisdom just for you. See each entry as invaluable - even if the pages look messy or unfinished. Only you know the full beauty within.

The Core of a Treasure Journal

A Treasure Journal is a personalized collection of Bible journaling pages meticulously curated with materials that resonate with one’s spiritual journey. From handwritten (or written on a computer with handwritten fonts)  prayers to scripture illustrations, each page is a canvas for personal reflection and engagement with God’s word, making the Bible’s teachings personal and tangible.

The Value in the Name

The term “Treasure Journal” elevates this practice, highlighting the cherished nature of each entry. These pages are far from mere notes or decorations; they are heartfelt expressions of faith, marking milestones, questions, and revelations in one’s spiritual journey.

Creative Freedom and Personal Reflection

The beauty of a Treasure Journal lies in its flexibility and the creative freedom it affords. There are no rules—each page is a unique reflection of the moment’s inspiration, guided by the scriptures. This approach deepens the personal connection with God and creates a vibrant, living document of one’s faith journey.


A Treasure Journal in the context of Bible journaling is more than just a notebook; it’s a sacred space for exploration, reflection, and growth. It serves as a testament to the richness of one’s relationship with scripture, encapsulating the journey of faith in a deeply personal and creative way. Through this practice, believers can craft a meaningful legacy of their spiritual journey, turning every page into a treasured memory and insight.

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