Bible Journaling Freebie and Prompts

bible journaling freebie prompts

This month's freebie includes:

Bible Journaling Ideas on Prayer

1. Create a prayer list in the form of a gratitude journal. Write down 5-7 things you're grateful for and decorate the page with praise-themed elements and word art.

2. Design a prayer calendar for the month, dedicating each day to a specific prayer focus (e.g., family, friends, personal growth). Use frames and decorative elements to make the calendar visually appealing.

3. Write a prayer of surrender, laying down your worries and fears before God. Use watercolors to create a soft, peaceful background and include verses about trusting in God.

4. Journal about a time when God answered a specific prayer in your life. Use 1-2 frames to illustrate the story and embellish with elements representing God's faithfulness.

5. Create a prayer memory deuce cards with dex cards, elements,  handwritten or typographical prayers for your Prayer War Room. Focus on prayers of intercession for others and decorate the page with images representing love and compassion. See War Room Verses.  

What Are Memory Dex Cards?

6. Write out the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) and meditate on each phrase. Use lettering techniques and decorative frames to emphasize key words and concepts. I made this page with Spiritual Gifts Kit and The Lord's Prayer Chipboard. 

7. Design a "prayer warrior" themed page, with images of armor, shields, and swords representing the power of prayer. Include verses about perseverance and spiritual warfare. See the Warrior Woman Kit. 

8. Create a prayer acronym (e.g., P.R.A.Y. - Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield) and journal about each aspect. Use frames and word art to highlight each letter and its corresponding prayer component.

9. Write a prayer of dedication, committing to a regular prayer routine. Use a clock or watch-themed elements to represent the importance of setting aside time for prayer.

10. Create or print out War Room Prayer Cards to share with others. Use wash tape to put cards around your house to help memorize the verses and as prayer reminders. 

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12 Bible Eras 

Every month we focus on one of the 12 Historical Eras. In May we will study and Bible journal the Judges Era.

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