Quick and Easy Ways to Start Bible Journaling

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"How do I get started in Bible journaling?" If you want a quick and easy way, grab some Washi tape and colored pencils, and a devotional or notebook. Doodle your way to remembering what you read.

When I got excited about Bible journaling, I went to the store, bought a $50 Bible, and spent about $40 in paint and supplies. Once I got home, I ruined my Bible within the hour. Bible journaling with paint was not for me. 

Next I played with some of my devotionals. I used Washi tape and markers to write notes.  You can make any page pretty. 

Instead of running to the store for a new Bible, try using a notebook. Pray and read a chapter, then take notes and doodle. Pick up a pack of colored pencils or markers from the dollar store and read. There is no reason to spend a fortune on paint supplies.

I was a digital scrapbooker, so I used digital methods in Photoshop to make Bible journal pages. I cannot draw, but I know how to drag-and-drop pretty!

Eventually I purchased an Interleaved Bible where every other page was blank. I made my journaling pages on my computer, printed them out, and used glue and/or Washi tape to adhere to the blank pages.




Try Digital Bible Journaling FREE

If you download a freebie from this blog and use Photopea you can try Bible journaling digitally for free! Watch the video below to see how easy it is. Most digital Bible journalers use Photoshop Elements (Watch for sales)


Devotionals Made for Journaling

You can also purchase a devotional made just for Bible journaling. Shanna Noel (the first Bible journaler) wrote several devotionals with plenty of extra room for journaling. This is 100 Days of Promises

You can purchase the 100 Days printable and digital stickers from my Etsy shop. Remember, you can use these stickers over and over!

Here are pages from the beautiful book 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus: A Devotional Journal using the matching Artsy Ladies printables. 


Another page from Shanna's 100 Days of Promises:

Did You Know You Can Print Washi Tape?

Print Washi from Bible journal kits on sticker paper or printer paper and adhere to your Bibles, devotionals, or notebooks. These strips are from the Amazing Grace kit. 


Dolores' Devotional Basket

I shared on the Facebook Group my friend Dolores’ basket of devotionals. Dolores writes her thoughts in the margins of her devotionals every morning and dates them, resulting in a diary of her spiritual growth. What a super idea! I love it. See the bottom of this post for a list of the devotionals in her basket.

Here is a random page from her devotional. It's so neat to read the dated notes.

Every morning Dolores sits down with her basket of devotions, to spend time with her heavenly Father. After reading her daily devotion, She writes, documenting what she is learning about God, and words of affection for His character and His compassion. She can also look back at insights and significant turning points in her spiritual growth and development. (Her favs are marked not with sticky notes but stars). I have LOVED looking through them.

Devotional List

Several people asked me to list what is in Dolores’ basket. The list below includes her basket contents AND my favorite devotionals (most on Kindle or Logos). With affiliate links.

Note from Dolores: My first devotional was Streams in the Desert, where I found the names of various Christian writers, and I bought their books to learn more from them. I found I did not always agree with all of their teachings, but even that helped me to clarify my understanding and beliefs about Christianity.