Spring Bible Journal Freebie

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Pasture's Peace Freebie

This delightful freebie features two adorable sheep and two Scripture word art and clusters complemented by lovely papers and elements. Don't miss out on the coordinating Sweet Sheep Bible Journal kit, also available below. 

New Membership Offer

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Exodus Bible Journal Class

Create journal pages like these as you learn. Explore the depths of Moses' resilience, divine intervention, and the grand narrative of salvation. Uncover the historical context, connect the dots, and experience transformation. Enroll now for a transformative exploration of faith and redemption.

Our class offers a deep dive into the time of the Exodus, shedding light on the historical context within Egypt and beyond. Explore the life of Moses, a figure of resilience and faith, and understand the events that unfolded under his leadership. But our exploration doesn't stop at the surface. We delve deeper, weaving the Exodus into the grand narrative of the Bible, presenting it as a crucial chapter in the singular, unified story of salvation.

This class is your gateway to understanding not just the story of the Exodus but the heart of the Bible's message of salvation. Whether you're a seeker of knowledge, a lover of history, or someone searching for deeper spiritual truths, this class offers a unique and transformative experience. Join us and be part of a journey that transcends time, bringing the past into a vivid narrative of faith and redemption.

Exodus Class Freebies

Freebies are throughout the lessons, motivating you to log in and learn every day. 

Sweet Sheep Bible Journal Kit

Discover the delightful Sweet Sheep Kit, now available in our Etsy shop! This kit is specially crafted to help you create a charming Bible Journal sheep booklet, perfect for printing and assembling with ribbon. With TWO KITS available—one printable and one digital—this bundle offers incredible value!

Printable and Digital!

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