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Hi, I'm Robin Sampson. 

Dive into the heart of one of history's most monumental events with our comprehensive Exodus class. This isn't just a class; it's an expedition into the past, unraveling the mysteries of an era that changed the course of human destiny. The Exodus isn't merely a story; it's the foundation of a journey that spans the breadth of human emotion, struggle, and divine intervention.

A Tapestry of History and Faith

Our class offers a deep dive into the time of the Exodus, shedding light on the historical context within Egypt and beyond. Explore the life of Moses, a figure of resilience and faith, and understand the events that unfolded under his leadership. But our exploration doesn't stop at the surface. We delve deeper, weaving the Exodus into the grand narrative of the Bible, presenting it as a crucial chapter in the singular, unified story of salvation.

Witness the Unfolding of Divine Salvation

The Bible narrates a compelling tale of divine intervention, tracing back to the moment Adam faced the consequences of his actions. Through our class, witness how God's hand moved through generations, orchestrating events and preparing humanity for the ultimate act of love: the coming of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice was destined to address the profound issue of man's sin, offering a path to redemption.

A Journey Through Time

Join us as we navigate the historical and spiritual landscapes of the Exodus. Understand the significance of each event, not just as a historical account, but as a pivotal moment in the divine plan of salvation. Our class doesn't just recount stories; it connects them to a larger purpose, revealing how each piece fits into the puzzle of God's redemptive work.

Why This Class is a Must

  • Uncover the Historical Context: Gain insights into the events in Egypt and the broader world during the time of the Exodus.
  • Explore the Life of Moses: Delve into the trials and triumphs of Moses, a central figure in the journey of the Israelites.
  • Connect the Dots: See how the Exodus story fits within the Bible's grand narrative of salvation, leading to the advent of Jesus Christ.
  • Experience Transformation: This isn't just a class; it's an invitation to journey through a story of hope, faith, and divine intervention.

Embark on the Journey

This class is your gateway to understanding not just the story of the Exodus, but the heart of the Bible's message of salvation. Whether you're a seeker of knowledge, a lover of history, or someone searching for deeper spiritual truths, this class offers a unique and transformative experience. Join us, and be part of a journey that transcends time, bringing the past into a vivid narrative of faith and redemption.

Enroll now and discover the path from Exodus to salvation. Your journey of discovery awaits.

Bible Journaling Options  


You can cut and paste images into a Journaling Bible or use a digital Bible. 


The most popular option for the Bible Eras is to create a Treasure Journal. You can do this by printing and cutting out images or creating pages digitally. 


The quickest option is journaling on four-inch Memory Dex Cards (Printable or digital). Beautifully displayed in a Dex Card Box. 

Optional Bible Journal Kit 

Digital and Printable kits are both included at a discount when you choose the Class plus Kit option below. 

In-Depth Bible Lessons and Bible Journaling Ideas 

Unlock the Secrets of Exodus: A Journey to Freedom and Faith

Discover the Power of God's Liberation

Embark on an enlightening journey through our transformative class on Exodus, where you'll uncover the profound narrative of liberation, faith, and divine intervention. This isn't just a story from millennia ago; it's a testament to the eternal love and power of God, who delivers us from the shackles of sin and guides us towards a promised future of hope and worship.

See the Bible in a New Light

This course is more than a historical exploration; it's an invitation to view the entire Bible through the lens of Jesus Christ. Discover the unity of the sixty-six books of the Bible as we reveal the single, powerful story of God's relentless pursuit to mend His relationship with humanity. Understanding the Bible's structure is the key to unlocking its deepest truths, and we're here to hand you that key.

Encounter God Through Exodus

Exodus is not just a historical account; it's a revelation of God's character. Through this book, God unveils Himself both in words and in mighty deeds, offering us a glimpse into His nature and His plan for our salvation. Learn how God communicated with Moses, His people, and how these ancient conversations have profound implications for our understanding of God today.

Witness Divine Power and Love

The plagues on Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, and the journey to the Promised Land are not merely stories of ancient wonders; they are demonstrations of God's supreme power and His undying commitment to His people. Through this course, you'll see how God's actions throughout Exodus underscore His identity as the one true God.

Connect with Jesus Through the Pages of Exodus

Most importantly, this class will deepen your relationship with Jesus, the Word made flesh, who embodies God's ultimate revelation. Just as God revealed Himself to Moses through words and deeds, He reveals Himself to us through Jesus, whose life, death, and resurrection offer salvation to all. Join us as we uncover how Exodus lays the foundation for understanding Jesus's sacrifice and love.

Your Journey to Understanding Begins Here

Dive into the heart of Exodus and discover how God's story of liberation for His people mirrors His plan for all humanity. This course is your pathway to understanding the bigger picture of the Bible and embracing the key to eternal life as taught by Jesus Himself. Join us and unlock the transformative power of God's word. Enroll today and begin a journey that will change the way you see the Bible, God, and yourself.


The Exodus Era is the third of the twelve eras. Each of the 12 Bible Eras courses is designed to help you see the big picture of the Bible, seeing Jesus through both testaments. The sixty-six books of the Bible are one magnificent unified story about God's loving, striving pursuit of restoring His relationship with us, His children.

The Bible can feel overwhelming and confusing, and if you have read through the Bible there is still a chance you may see it as a series of unconnected stories put together at random. To understand this story you need the key.

The Key is Structure

This course will help you easily understand the structure of the twelve Bible history eras. Having this key will enable you to put the major men and women and events together in their proper chronological order, as well as to understand how Jesus is revealed as Messiah throughout both testaments. As we learn about each era, we will Bible journal using different methods.

Unlock the Treasures of God's Word 

Embark on a Timeless Adventure Through Scripture

  • More than two decades ago, I embarked on a transformative journey with the 12 Bible Eras system, a brilliantly simple yet profoundly impactful framework developed by Max Anders.

  • This system became not just a tool but a treasure trove for teaching my children. Together, we delved into the Bible chronologically, discovering Jesus in every book, weaving the disparate stories into a single, cohesive narrative. The experience was nothing short of miraculous, revealing the Bible as a unified masterpiece.

  • Now, I'm excited to extend an invitation to you: join our class and explore each of the 12 eras in depth, one month at a time.

Imagine uncovering the Bible's richness, written by 40 authors across three continents in three languages over 2,000 years, yet telling one unified story. Our class breaks down this vast narrative into 12 historical periods, making it accessible and engaging. It's like piecing together a puzzle that, when complete, resembles a magnificent symphony.

Why Our 12 Eras Study Stands Apart

After exploring numerous programs, I continued to be drawn back to the 12 Era study for its clarity and coherence. It simplifies the Bible without diminishing its depth, offering a structured approach that resonates with beginners and seasoned readers alike. Each class includes 4-5 lessons per week, designed to fit into your busy life, requiring just 20-30 minutes daily. For those who wish to dive deeper, incorporating Bible journaling into your study can enrich the experience, taking anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours based on your preferred methods.

Join Our Vibrant Community

What makes our journey through the Bible even more special is the community that comes with it. Our expansive Facebook group is a vibrant space filled with wonderful individuals on the same spiritual journey. Here, you can share insights, ask questions, and form connections that enrich your understanding and experience of the Bible. It's a place of fellowship, learning, and mutual encouragement.

Your Invitation to a Life-Changing Experience

This isn't just a class; it's an invitation to see the Bible in a new light, to understand its stories as a single, harmonious narrative that guides us closer to God. Whether you're new to Bible study or looking to deepen your knowledge, our 12 Eras journey offers a fresh and fulfilling path to exploring God's Word. Join us, and unlock the treasures that await in the pages of the Bible. Together, let's discover the beauty of God's story as it unfolds across time.

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We have a huge Facebook group of wonderful ladies taking this class. You can fellowship, ask questions, discuss lessons, and share.

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Little bundles of art joy just to encourage you to stay in the class and complete the lessons. 




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