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Bible Journal Through the Exodus Era Class

On March 1, 2023, we begin the Exodus Era class. We share our Bible journaling in the Facebook Group.

Join us for this March 2023 Bible study and Bible journal class! The same God who freed Israel also frees all those He loves, from slavery to sin and servitude to worldly pharaohs. He directs our gaze to the promised country He has prepared for us, where we will live alongside I AM and worship Him as the only true God.

Exodus is a book about God and what he does for his people. Like the rest of the Bible, Exodus is part of God's revelation to us of himself. We will never know what God is like unless he shows himself to us. And it is Jesus himself who teaches us that knowing God is the key to eternal life (John 17:3).

God exposes himself in two ways in Exodus: what he says and what he does. We hear God speaking: he talks to Moses and his people through Moses. As a result, Moses is cast in the role of a prophet. God's words are delivered to his people, making himself known as he speaks.

However, Exodus is also about God, who reveals himself via his actions. He enters history to free his people from enslavement. His plagues on Egypt are intended to demonstrate that he alone is God (Exod. 7:5). He demonstrates his divinity by displaying his might.

Therefore, we know what we know about God because he has spoken and acted in human history. That is especially true of Jesus, who is not only the Word (John 1:1—God's utterance) but also the one who saves. God shows himself to Jesus, as he did to Moses, by his words and actions.

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