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Jesus in the Biblical Holidays: Illuminating Jewish Feasts and Traditions will be in print and on Kindle next month, just before the spring holidays!

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This transformative exploration goes beyond the surface to reveal the profound connections between ancient biblical celebrations and the life and mission of Jesus Christ. With over two decades of enriched wisdom since the publication of “A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays” in 2001, this book is not just an update; it’s a complete reinvention that offers fresh perspectives on timeless traditions.

A Journey of Renewed Understanding

Prepare to dive deep into the heart of biblical holidays with a renewed lens, as this book meticulously uncovers the intricate links between the Old Testament feasts and the fulfillment of prophetic promises by Jesus. It’s more than a study; it’s a journey of discovery that casts these ancient observances in a new, enlightening light, revealing their significance in today’s faith journey.

Jesus in the Biblical Holidays invites readers to embark on a transformative exploration. This book is an experience designed to enrich your faith, bridge ancient traditions with modern beliefs, and reveal the continuous presence of Christ throughout history. By observing these biblical holidays, you engage in a spiritual education that deepens your understanding and connection to the core values of your faith.

The Sections and Chapters

This book is organized into ten-holiday sections. Each includes the following (or more):

  1. The Holiday Overview: Each section begins with an introduction to the specific holiday, setting the stage for deeper exploration.

  2. Jewish Traditions of the Holiday: Delve into the rich customs and rituals that have shaped Jewish practices over the centuries.

  3. How Sabbath Reveals Messiah: Discover the connections between traditional observances and the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

  4. Celebrating Suggestions: Practical ideas to bring these ancient celebrations into your modern life.

  5. Reflection Questions: Thought-provoking queries to deepen your understanding and personal connection to each holiday.

  6. The Holiday Recipes: Enjoy traditional recipes to fully experience the feasts in a tangible way.

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A Book for Everyone

Whether deeply rooted in your faith, newly exploring spiritual paths, or fascinated by ancient celebrations, this book serves as a gateway to understanding the biblical feasts and their relevance to Jesus. Each chapter unravels the spiritual symbolism of these holidays, offering a structured theme that connects directly to the journey of Jesus.

Beyond theoretical insights, the book concludes each chapter with practical applications, turning complex theological concepts into memorable and actionable experiences. These include holiday readings, traditional recipes, and free downloadable resources like Rosh Hashanah cards and Hanukkah stickers in the accompanying Facebook Group.

Straightforward, Christ-Centered Content

With straightforward, engaging, and accessible content, “Jesus in the Biblical Holidays” guides readers through the Christ-centered meanings of the Old Testament holidays. It’s designed to be relatable, enlightening, and a source of discovery for those eager to uncover Christ’s narrative hidden within these ancient celebrations.

Get ready to transform your spiritual journey with insights, celebrations, and a community of fellow explorers. Join us in celebrating the release of “Jesus in the Biblical Holidays” next month and discover the unseen connections that bring ancient traditions into the heart of modern faith.

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