May Blog Train Freebie

blog train freebie return era

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This is the FIRST TIME the blog train and monthly kit will be in the same colors! Melissa at picks out the blog train colors, so I follow instructions. How fun they match this time!

Return Era Class and Kit

The Return Era Class begins Monday, May 2. Here is a peek (not all shown). You can get the kit with the Bible Journal class by itself on my Etsy Shop.

Return Era Bible Journal A-Long!

There are 17 classes to be completed in May with the ladies in the Facebook Group.  There will be freebie downloads (png and PDFs) in the lessons. 

Enroll in the Class here

12 Bible Era Bible Journal Classes

I found the 12 Bible Eras system by Max Anders, a classic, simple-to-use guide to Scripture. Over twenty years ago, I used Ander's book as a jumping-off place to write Bible lessons for my children so I could teach the entire Bible chronologically using the division of the 12 eras.  It was awesome! We saw Jesus in every book of the Bible. All the stories combine as ONE UNIFIED STORY!

I've taught Bible for 30 years and put together 12 Bible Era years ago.  Now you can take this class with a group and study one in-depth era study every month while creating awesome Treasure Journals!.  Learn More. 

May Blog Train Freebie

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