June Blog Train Freebie


The video at the top of this page is by  Deborah Baker (on my Creative Team). She made this adorable folio I can't wait to try!

This freebie coordinates with the new Silence Era Kit!  Download the Tea in the Garden Mini Kit at the bottom of this page then go see all the free goodies at DigitalScrapbook.com

Silence Era Bible Journal Class

On Monday, June 6th we begin the Silence Era Study (the blank page between the testaments) we will examine the 400-years between Malachi and Matthew known as 400 Years of Silence. When we get to the Gospels, we find references to Pharisees, Romans, and synagogues, none of which are mentioned in the Old Testament.

One of the best observations of the first-century Jewish atmosphere is the Intertestamental Period. Knowing what happened during this period clarifies the sects, institutions, and divides of Judaism, not to mention the rejection of Jesus as Messiah.

Silence Era Kit

The kit is still in the works but here is a peek. Purchase the kit with the class at a discount.  

Debbie Wallbank (on my Creative Team) gives you a preview of the Treasure Journal pages and papers. Check out her Youtube channel @Pouring my Art Out For the Lord for awesome ideas! 

Created with eh Silence Era Kit


12 Bible Eras

The Silence Era is the 7th of the 12 Bible Era Classes. We are studying 12 Bible Eras, one era a month for a year. Find out more here. The next cohort class begins in July. 

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