Silence Era Bible Journal Class

Malachi to Matthew: Unveiling the Mysteries of the 400 Years of Silence 


Hi, I'm Robin Sampson McCarthy, and I'm excited to guide you through the fascinating Silence Era Study. Together, we'll explore the 400 years between Malachi and Matthew, a period often overlooked but crucial to understanding the context of the New Testament.

Uncover the Missing Pieces of Biblical History

Have you ever wondered about the Pharisees, Romans, and synagogues that suddenly appear in the Gospels? The Silence Era holds the key to unlocking these mysteries. In this captivating study, you'll discover the events, influences, and developments that shaped the Jewish world during the 400 Years of Silence.

As we bridge the gap between the Old and New Testaments, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the sects, institutions, and divides within Judaism. This knowledge will shed light on the religious and political landscape that Jesus encountered and provide invaluable context for His teachings and ministry.

Explore the Significance of Hanukkah and Hebraic Culture

During the Silence Era, a pivotal event took place that continues to shape Jewish identity and faith to this day: the story of Hanukkah. In this study, we'll delve into the history and meaning behind this beloved festival, exploring its roots in the Maccabean Revolt and its enduring significance in Hebraic culture.

You'll discover how Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple and the miracle of the oil, and how it reflects the resilience and faithfulness of the Jewish people in the face of adversity. By understanding the cultural and religious context of Hanukkah, you'll gain a richer appreciation for the Jewish world Jesus was born into and the traditions that shaped His early life and ministry.

Gain Insights into the Rejection of Jesus as Messiah

One of the most profound insights you'll gain from the Silence Era Study is a clearer understanding of why Jesus was rejected as the Messiah. By exploring the expectations, beliefs, and hopes of the Jewish people during this time, you'll appreciate the complex backdrop against which Jesus lived and taught.

Experience Transformative Learning

Through engaging lessons, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive exercises, you'll immerse yourself in the Silence Era and its lasting impact on our faith. You'll come away with a richer understanding of God's unfolding plan and a renewed appreciation for the continuity of His Word.

Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the hidden treasures of the Silence Era, from the story of Hanukkah to the religious and cultural landscape that shaped the world of the New Testament. Join me on this enlightening journey and experience the transformative power of understanding the 400 Years of Silence. Enroll now and let the Silence Era Study deepen your faith and enrich your biblical knowledge.

Optional Return Bible Journal Kit 

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Bible Journaling Options  


You can cut and paste images into a Journaling Bible or use a digital Bible. If you are new you may want to try out a notebook method first.



Bible journal in a notebook or Travelers Notebook. You can do this by printing and cutting out images or creating pages digitally. 


The quickest option is journaling on four-inch Memory Dex Cards (Printable or digital). Beautifully displayed in a Dex Card Box. 


If you'd like to join a group study, we explore the Exodus Era every September and share our journaling in the Facebook Group. 

Our self-paced Silence Era course is designed to be completed in 30 days, but we understand that life can be unpredictable. That's why we've made this online study completely flexible, allowing you to start and finish whenever the Holy Spirit guides you.

If you miss a lesson, don't worry. Pray for guidance, and catch up when you can. Trust in God's timing and let Him lead you through this journey at the right pace.

The beauty of this course is that the lessons are always available when you're ready to engage with them. Whether you complete the study in a month or take a more leisurely approach, the most important thing is to open your heart to God's voice and allow Him to speak to you through His Word.
Embark on this transformative journey through the Exodus Era, and trust in the Holy Spirit's guidance every step. Your spiritual growth is in God's loving hands, and He will ensure that you receive the nourishment you need exactly when you need it most.

Unlock the Treasures of God's Word 

  • Over twenty years ago I found the 12 Bible Eras system by Max Anders, a classic, simple-to-use guide to Scripture.
  • I used Anders' book as a jumping-off place to write  Bible lessons for my children so I could teach chronologically using the division of the 12 eras. 
  • It was awesome! We saw Jesus in every book of the Bible. All the stories combine as ONE UNIFIED STORY!
  • Now you can take this class with a group and study one in-depth era study every month. 
  • The Bible is made up of 66 books written by 40 different authors from three continents who wrote in three different languages over a period of about 2,000 years. But they all tell one unified story easily studied in 12 individual historical periods.
  • When you put the pieces together it is like a beautiful symphony. 
  • I looked at many other programs and continued using this 12 Era study because it made the most sense. 
  • Each class contains 4-5 lessons per week and can be completed in less than a month.
  • Lessons can be completed in twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Bible journaling the lesson can take 20 minutes to three hours depending on the methods you choose.
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