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The Greatest Gift

As we celebrate His historical Birth, remember Jesus Christ was born into, not out of, this world. He did not emerge from history; rather, he entered it from the outside. Jesus Christ is not the best human being; rather, He is a Being who cannot be explained by the human race. He is not man becoming God, but God Incarnate, God entering human flesh from without. His life is the Highest and the Holiest, but he enters by the lowest door. The birth of our Lord was an advent.

31 Titles of Christ Class

Spend 31 Days in December 31 focusing on Jesus! Jesus' name is more powerful than anything in Heaven and Earth. We know him as Jesus, but he was born with the Hebrew name Yeshua. Yeshua is the name his mother and others called him. His name has been translated into other names, with "Jesus" probably being the most recognized. 

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This class is about getting to know Jesus better by studying his character, his qualities, and his attributes. We can build a closer intimate relationship with God by getting to know Jesus' names.

Join us in the Bible Journal Facebook group every day in December to study the 31 Names of Christ. Join the Class and get the digital and printable kit here.  

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 Titles of Christ Kit

Save 30% with the coupon code: TITLES

Plus Lesson Freebies!

Several freebies are sprinkles throughout the lessonsLittle bundles of art joy just to encourage you to stay in the class and complete the lessons. 


Missions Bible Journal Class

The Missions Bible Journal Class begins December 1, 2023. Enroll here and save 30% off the class OR class and kit with Coupon Code SAVE30.

The Missions Era is exciting!  It is brimming with the enthusiasm and excitement of the early Christians as they discovered God doing new things all over the place and learned how to spread the good news of Jesus worldwide. But it is also full of the problems and conflicts churches faced then and face now, including leadership, money, ethnic divisions, theology and ethics, and clashes with governmental authority.

The entire book reminds us that spirituality, following Jesus, and striving for his kingdom will guide us and make us fruitful in his ministry.

Join us to spend 30 days studying Paul and the early church! I hope you can join in.


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