God and Women: Book Review

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God and Women

God and Women

God and Women by Dr. John Garr is a must-read for every Christian! This new book brings biblical severe and historical scholarship to bear on the role of women in family, society, and church in an analysis of God’s original intentions for women and men at the moment when he created humanity.

Since time immemorial, women have been the most consistently and universally abused people group on planet Earth, as men have systematically, unrelentingly, and often violently dominated women in virtually every human culture. Unfortunately, women of faith have also been virtually bound in chains of submission and gagged by demands for silence since the end of the apostolic era.

“God and Women” applies serious biblical and historical scholarship to the role of women in family, society, and church, analyzing God’s original intentions for women and men when he created humanity.

• Who is a Woman?
• Recovering God’s Self-Image
• Rediscovering the God of Scripture
• Feminine Images of God in Scripture
• Feminine Imagery in the Holy Spirit
• God’s Image in Male and Female

Whether you are a woman or a man, this book will set you free, challenging you to think and act on divine truths from the Hebraic foundations of your faith. You will see God’s original design and intent for women, and you will start tearing down prison walls that have deprived half of God’s children of the freedom to pursue his gifts and calling in the family, in society, and especially in the community of faith.

Dr. Garr has added a tremendous amount of research and scholarship on the function and role of females. The depth of his research is unmatched by any other resource I have been able to find. Admittedly, his books are relatively dry (he is very scholarly), but his research is impeccable. If you want to understand every little nuance of the Biblical language regarding women with sound historical, scientific, and cultural research to back it up, then, by all means, get this series!

The footnotes alone are worth the price of his books!

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