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Bible journal freebie

Access the charming "Spring Dreams Bible Journal" freebie, featuring delightful floral designs, an inspiring verse, and a cute girl with flower balloon, available at the end of this post.

Thank You for Praying

On January 24, my son David was involved in a severe motorcycle accident that left his femur shattered and his artery torn – a life-threatening condition. In a stroke of providence, Gallatin Police Officer Cory Hobdy arrived promptly at the scene, applying a tourniquet that crucially saved David's life. He was immediately rushed to surgery upon reaching the hospital.

During surgery, David faced significant challenges, including severe blood loss and a sciatic nerve torn in half. Despite these hurdles, the timely intervention of a skilled vascular surgeon saved him from the brink. However, the extent of his injuries led to the difficult decision to amputate his leg at the top of the thigh.

David's resilience was remarkable, returning home on the fourth day after spending just three days in ICU. Although I was initially concerned about his rapid discharge, I was reminded of the miraculous recoveries in Israeli hospitals post-October attacks, attributed to global prayers, reinforcing my belief in the power of prayer.

My apprehension towards motorcycles has deepened following this incident, but amidst the fear and relief, I am profoundly thankful for Officer Hobdy's quick response and the medical team's expertise. Most importantly, I am grateful for my son's survival. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this time. Your prayers have been a pillar of strength for us.

50% Off: Patriarch Era Bible Journal Class and Kit

Starting February 1st, we invite you to journey back in time with the launch of our Patriarch Bible Journal Class. This immersive study focuses on the lives and legacies of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, delving deep into the narrative of the God who desires a profound connection with mankind. It explores how His divine plan unfolds to benefit humanity across ages, filled with twists and turns, devastation and redemption, and cloaked in revelation and mystery.

A Closer Look at the Patriarchs

The Patriarch Bible Journal Class is more than just a study; it's an interactive experience that brings ancient stories to life. As you navigate the complexities of the patriarchal era, you'll engage in Bible journaling that captures the main characters, pivotal events, and the geographical backdrop of these timeless narratives. This approach enhances your understanding of the Bible and allows you to reflect on its profound implications for your life today.

At 50% Off You get both the class and kit for less that the kit's value!

Unraveling Divine Concepts

Dive into the meanings of critical terms such as blessing, covenant, and promise. These concepts are the backbone of the patriarchal stories and have lasting significance for believers. Through thoughtful examination and guided journaling, you'll uncover how these ancient spiritual truths are relevant and transformative for contemporary faith.

The class goes beyond historical and theological exploration. It's designed to equip you with practical insights and applications, drawing parallels between the patriarchs' journeys and your personal walk with God. You'll learn how God's overarching plan—blessing all people through one nation and one man—has implications for New Testament believers and how the themes of blessing, covenant, and promise impact your life today.

Enhance your study with many resources, including Bible journal ideas, detailed maps and illustrations, significant Scripture verses, and supplementary information. These materials are carefully curated to enrich your learning experience, offering visual and textual aids that bring clarity and depth to your study.

Join Us on This Enlightening Journey

The study of the Patriarchs is more than a history lesson; it's a journey of faith that invites you to discover the roots of belief and the essence of God's promises. As we explore the lives of these foundational figures, we'll uncover the enduring impact of their faithfulness on generations to come and the timeless truths that continue to guide us today.

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Bible, strengthen your faith, and discover the spiritual legacies of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Join the Patriarch Bible Journal Class and embark on a transformative journey that bridges the past with the present, bringing ancient wisdom into the light of modern life. 

Jesus in the Biblical Holidays

Jesus in the Biblical Holidays: Illuminating Jewish Feasts and Traditions is coming soon! Download the Table of Contents. Sign up for a free chapter here. 

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