Abiding in Christ (Bible Tag 20)

Jesus first used the parable of the Vine to speak the phrase "Abide in me" This parable, provides the best and most complete illustration the union to which He invites us.

The word abide is like no other. Jesus command us to abide in Him.  Abide (in Greek is meno) means to remain in the same place or position for an extended period of time. It means to stay, live, lodge, tarry, or reside. It describes something that stays put, remains in a fixed state, or endures "to settle down permanently" or "to make yourself at home."

The parable shows us how important the union is. The vine and the branch are so closely connected each is completely and only for the other. There is a living link between the vine and the branch. No work we can do will make it happen. The branch, whether it is the original one or one that has been grafted in, is only what it is because of the work of the Creator, who gives the branch the life, sap, and fruit.

Our union with God is not the result of human wisdom or will. But an act of God that brings the Son of God and the sinner together in the closest and most complete way possible. "God has sent His Son's Spirit into your hearts" (Gal 4:6)

John tells us to Abide over and over.

Abiding Bears the Fruit of Love

The Vine's very spirit is love, and the spirit of love flows into the branch that abides in Him.

By abiding in Christ, we receive His Spirit of love and compassion for others causing us to desire their good. Our hearts are a selfish by nature.  But when we abide in Jesus, we will come into contact with His infinite love; its fire will begin to burn within our hearts; we will see the beauty of love; and learn to regard loving, serving, and sharing the Light with others as the highest privilege a disciple of Jesus can have.

Bible Tag 20 Prompt

As you stitch this week pray for full understanding of abiding. Add a braid stitch to your tag.

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