Which Pens Do Not Bleed Through Bible Pages?

Bible Journaling Supplies

The most frequently asked question on my Bible Journaling Facebook page is " Which pens won't bleed through Bible pages?" So below are my favorites.

Note there is a different between bleed through and shadowing on the other side. Bible pages are so thin almost anything you do will shadow on the other side.

Disclaimer: I bought a lot of supplies and made several bad purchases.  I'm only posting what worked best for me. Affiliate links are included. I reviewed Journaling Bibles in another post.  See Which Journaling Bible? 

Sakura & Microline

My #1 favorite Bible Journaling supply is a micron pen. I use both Sakura and Microline. 

Both are archive quality inks.  Micro-Line is cheaper.  Right now 50% Off (16 pens for $19!). An 8 pack of colored Sakura Micron Pens  run about $25 on Amazon for $14.  There are other brands but most of them have bad reviews on Amazon.  These pens are super for coloring doodling, outlining and tiny writing.I perfer the .05 for writing so I have several. The pack of 16 colors come in several  sizes.

Faber-Castell Pitt Pen

Another big favorite among artist are Faber-Castell Pitt Pen. As advertised on the package, they are waterproof, and seem to hold up a little better under a watercolor wash (and no bleeding, even when rubbed).

I prefer either Sakura Microns or Microline.

NIB Warning

Clogged Pens Bible Journaling

You cannot leave the tops off and you have to be careful with the nibs. A Micron nib may clog from use with partially dried paint so do not use to trace around something painted unless it is super dry.  The nibs are essentially “micro size plastic tubes” which allow ink formula to flow. When any foreign matter clogs these tubes, the ink is blocked. It is heartbreaking to grab a micro pen and find the nib blocked.

Best Gel Pens

Best Markers for Coloring

I love Accu-Gel Bible Highlighters. They glide on the page. They are made for writing on thin Bible pages. The Bible Gel underlining kit includes six bright medium underliners, one each in yellow, green, blue, and pink. No smearing, no bleed-through, fade proof; includes Bible study color code; smooth skip-free lines and crisp, consistent lettering. You can get packs of one, two or three or combined with Microns.

  • Won't bleed through and works with any paper
  • Glides on smoothly across page
  • Does not smear
  • Includes a bible study guide on the back
  • Packages include 6 assorted ACCU-Gel bible highlighters

Copic Markers are considered the best markers for coloring. But they are very expensive for a professional artist.

Almost as good and much cheaper are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They work especially well to color stamps before stamping. They are watercolor in a pen/brush. They are stunning too! Use just like a paint brush. https://youtu.be/jelZVTyC94I They do not bleed but like with anytime used to write on a thin bible paper you can see it from the other side. For best use you can prepare your page with Gesso. https://youtu.be/T1hIafnJPiw Since they are watercolor you can "fix" mistakes by wetting it with a brush and gently lifting off with a baby wipe.

Flair Felt Tip Pens

If you are careful and only use the lighter colors you can try Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens. Makers claim "specially designed ink will not bleed through paper" but Bible paper is a bit thinner so be careful. The water-based ink is quick-drying and resists smearing. 

Neocolor II Watercolor Crayons


Rebekah Jones (one of my favorite Bible Journal teachers) raved about  Neocolor II watercolor crayons. They are amazing and there are now over 50 colors.

Most of you know I do most of my Bible Journaling digitally but these crayons almost switched me to paper. It is best to use Gesso (not for bleed through but to stop from spreading).

Neocolor II Watercolor Crayons

They can be used dry or with liquid. Use with a paint brush or draw on wet paper. They go on soft and when water touched them they become beautiful bright colors with a watercolor paint look. Check out the video above.

Crayola Pencils and Markers

Crayola pencils are a very good tool for Bible journaling they are available at any Walmart or Target even in grocery stores and inexpensive.

Crayola Fine Line Markers for Adult Coloring WILL BLEED THROUGH THE PAGES.

You can do your work on plain copy paper the cut and place in your Bible margin.

Stop Bleeding with Gesso

If you apply a thin coat of Gesso to your bible page you can paint or use almost any kind of markers without any bleed through.

Complete Guide to Bible Journaling Book #biblejournallove

The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling is a wonderful way to get started!