Spiritual Strength (Bible Tag 2)

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The majority of the 264 times the Hebrew word for "strong" is used in the Old Testament refers to spiritual strength—the strength of the Lord. Strength is the inner resolve or physical ability to complete an endeavor, affect an outcome, or prevail in a confrontation.  But the "secret" of living by faith is not finding the strength to believe within ourselves but rather that the Lord invests His strength in us (Hab. 3:19).  

In the Old Testament, God is portrayed as a great one, a strong tower who provides people with strength and might.  In the New Testament, strength is predominantly demonstrates Jesus Christ's reign, authority, and power over all creation. The Holy Spirit works the operation of God's incredible strength through Christ.

Paul addressed issues between "strong" and "weak" Christians in 1 Corinthians 8-10 and Romans 14-15. The powerful were utilizing their rights and freedom at the cost of more devout believers whom they perceived to have a weak conscience or weak faith. 

  • God gives strength to the people (Ps. 68:35);
  • God offers strength to the weary, to those who wait for him (Isa. 40:29-31);
  • God wants us to renew our strength (Isa. 41:1); my arm will strengthen him (Ps. 89:21); you will strengthen their heart (Ps (Hos. 7:15).

The many tasks we are accountable for require a certain level of endurance.  We all eventually come to the end of ourselves as life proves to be more than we can manage in some way. The Good News is that we never have to make our way through life, only on our strength.

There is a Heavenly Father who adores us. He promises to be with us by His Spirit. We can call on Him and have faith that He will be with us as we submit to His Lordship and believe in His love. Do you require strength? He's right here to see us through. Let us decide to seek Him with all of our hearts. He gives us all strength, courage, and hope...in every situation!

As you stitch your tag this week, pray for spiritual strength.

NOTE: Be sure to read about the mistakes I made below, as I changed a few things since I made the video above. 

Week 2 Prompt

Create a tag with a verse about spiritual strength and add lace. 

This Bible Tag challenge began as a slow stitch project, but you can also create the tags on paper.  Join in and get a new prompt every Monday.

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 Learn from My Sewing Mistakes

As previously explained, I am not a slow stitch teacher but a beginner sharing my process. I have learned so much just by making two tags. I hope you can learn from my mistakes:

  1. Using interfacing on fabric makes a world of difference. I initially used sew-on interfacing, but now I realize iron-on works better and stops fraying. I currently use Pellon Iron-on Interfacing. 

  2. I switched to an embroidery size nine needle with a needle threader.  Lorraine Duff explained that  Chanelle needles work better because the needle eyes are larger.  She posted a Needle Guide download in the Slow Stitch Bible Facebook Group. 

  3. Stitching letters on a tag is small enough that one or two stands of floss work best. 

  4. When printing verses on the fabric, it is best to use a paper-backed fusible like Wonder-Under. Print on the fabric, then iron it to the fabric tag. After I worked hard on a blanket stitch around a verse in a rectangular piece of fabric, the fabric frayed around the stitches and came undone. 

  5. Note that printing on fabric is not colorfast. You need to print on a particular material to be washable. Based on reviews, I ordered a roll of Blumenthal Lansing Crafter's Images 100-Percent Cotton Poplin, 8-1/2-Inch by 100-Inch Roll Photo Fabric for a quilt I am working on. I'm not worried about making my tags colorfast as I won't be washing them. 

I am using fabric scraps from a quilt I am working on. 

I started my Week 2 tag and added lace leaves: 


Please understand I can't promise a freebie every week, but I will when I can. Use it for an upcoming tag challenge, or add it to your stash for another time. Download here. 

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Bible Tag Prompts

  • Week 1: Love
  • Week 2: Strength

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