Rose Deluxe Timelines: Bible and Christian History

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Rose Deluxe Timelines: Bible and Christian History is one my favorite Bible study tools. I reach for it often. The new October 2023 version is now available. 

You are probably aware that time lines are useful tools for Bible study. They provide a quick overview of the important events. However, they do not always contain explanations, leading you to questions: 

  • Who is this person?
  • What exactly occurred? 
  • Why is it significant? 

This new reference, which includes 130 time lines, charts, infographics, maps, and visual overviews, as well as commentary on every book of the Bible, makes it easy to comprehend how all the people and events of the Bible fit together. 

Imagine Having 4,000 Years of Bible & Christian History at Your Fingertips! Featuring over 2,600 key events with HUNDREDS of charts, diagrams, summaries, and pictures— this NEW handbook features 2,000+ MORE key events than even Rose’s best-selling title, Bible Time Line— and it covers an even WIDER range of topics. 

The Bible was written thousands of years ago (and its books are not in chronological order), this guide is a convenient method to rapidly see the Bible's "big picture" and context! Quickly 

Over 130 charts, maps, time lines, and overviews help you see the big picture of the Bible! View the sequence of hundreds of events before taking your research to the next level with simple summaries, charts, infographics, maps, and other visualizations! Here are a few of its highlights: 

Enjoy getting a quick summary of each Bible book while learning more about:  

  • OLD TESTAMENT: Abraham, Joshua, Tabernacle, Exodus, Bible Feasts, Kings and Prophets, Psalms, and much more. 
  • NEW TESTAMENT: Temple, Jesus' teachings, Jesus' last week, the Apostle Paul, the book of Revelation, and so forth. significant 
  • TOPICS: Gospel harmony (parables, miracles, significant events, etc.), prophesies fulfilled by Jesus, four end-times perspectives, and more. And even more! 

Take advantage of over 40 charts, infographics, and maps. This reproducible handbook will add depth to any Bible study, with quick-reference charts on the harmony of the Gospels and labeled topographical maps. Enjoy More than 40 charts, infographics, and maps This one-of-a-kind resource is jam-packed with full-color charts, maps, and images to help you learn about the Bible's history, including: 

  • Prophecies fulfilled by Christ, gospel harmony, Israel's kings and prophets, Peter, Paul, and more! Infographics: Noah's ark, Bible calendar feasts, four interpretations of the end-times, Abraham's lineage, and Bible covenants. Exodus, Jesus' final week, Abraham, Joshua, Daniel, Paul, and other journeys are depicted on maps. And even more! 
  • More than 16 Time Lines and Chronology Charts View Bible events in the order they occurred using this guide's time lines and chronology charts to get a new perspective on the Bible. Cover vital information quickly, such as key persons, events, predictions fulfilled, and more! It is simple to recognize the link between Old Testament and New Testament occurrences. There are over 16 time lines and chronology charts. Features: Chronology charts with 300 events from the Bible's history! Timeline of the Ark of the Covenant The Temple in Jerusalem and more! 

Customer Reviews

“This book is presented in an easy to read format that includes many charts, graphs and maps all in color.” 

“Appealing, colorful, visual graphics. Easy to read and understand…the book goes through the whole bible story chronologically…There are many wonderful tables utilized throughout the text to help the reader grasp certain important topics…A definite must buy …” 

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