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November Blog Train

The Church Era Bible Journal Class begins November 1, 2023. Enroll with the Coupon Code CHURCHERA and save 30%.   This coupon will also work with the 12 Bible Era Bundle! 

The Church Era Class (class 11 in the 12 Bible Era Classes) begins with Jesus' Ascension, the birth of the Church through Pentecost/Shavuot, Stephen’s death, and Paul’s conversion. After Jesus gave His disciples a mission, the Holy Spirit acted forcefully through them to carry it out. Discover the thrilling and tough early years of the church, the similarities we share today, and how this relates to our faith.

The 12 Bible Era classes help you piece together the timeline so you can perceive the full picture:  the background, and all the shades and colors of the story of the first-century Church, and at the heart is Jesus.

Enroll with the Coupon Code CHURCHERA and save 30%. 

Church Era Kit

WHAT YOU GET: TWO MEGA KITS one printable and one digital! Over $170 Value! Just the verses are worth the sale price of this kit.
***Digital Nothing will be Shipped*****
TWO MEGA KITS, one printable and one digital!

  • 37 PDFs and 14 zips!!
  • 17 Typographical Verses
  • 26 Word-arts
  • 33 Flowers
  • 13 Clusters
  • 22 Frames
  • 30 Elements
  • 21 Journal spots
  • 14 Papers
  • 12 Treasure Journal pages

Sample Pages

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November Blog Train Freebie

Download the Nov Blog Train Freebie then go to forum to download more freebies created in the same color pallet.