Christmas Bible Journal Freebie

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Merry Christmas. This freebie is our way of spreading the joy of journaling during this magical time of year. May your holiday journaling be filled with warmth, inspiration, and the true spirit of Christmas!

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Printable and Digital Files

Writing about Christmas allows for mindful reflection on the true meaning of the holiday. As you recount your experiences, traditions, and interactions, you may find moments of gratitude, joy, and spiritual connection that might have otherwise gone unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of the season.

My Christmas Journal

I created Christmas journal pages with the Pink Christmas Kit and pasted them into a kraft notebook (available on Amazon, 24 notebooks for $20)

Christmas Song Prompts

Not sure what to write? Christmas songs are a great way to journal Christmas. Christmas songs that focus on Christ contribute to the depth and spiritual significance of the holiday, providing a medium for worship, reflection, and the celebration of the foundational story. They can evoke a range of emotions, from reverence and awe to joy and gratitude.

Pink Christmas Kit

This Pink Christma Kit includes 12 journal pages and 12 memory dex cards. 

Matches this Dex Card Freebie

Still available here. 

Victorian Christmas Kit

I also created some pages from the Victorian Christmas kit. 

Download the Pink Christmas Freebie

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