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Isaiah 43:2 verse assures us of God's unwavering presence, protection, and strength, even in the toughest times. We are never alone; His love guides and sustains us. Good reminder for today's American crisis.

Isaiah is a collection of prophecies during a time of great turmoil and change for the Kingdom of Judah, around the 8th century BCE. This period included the Assyrian invasion and the subsequent exile of the Israelites.  Isaiah 43 addresses the theme of redemption and restoration for the people of Israel. In this chapter, God speaks through Isaiah to reassure the Israelites of His continued presence and protection. Despite their sins and the consequences they faced, God promises to be with them and bring them through their trials. This message is meant to provide hope and encouragement to a people who were suffering and in need of reassurance of God's love and faithfulness.


Feast of Weeks Class

The Feast of Weeks Class is part of the Jesus in the Biblical Holidays series.  The Feast of Weeks (better known as Pentecost) is the fourth Bible holiday. It is a celebration of  receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai and the receiving of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Pentecost begins June 16 in 2024. Our class is available June 2.

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 Optional Feast of Weeks Bible Journal Kit

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