52 Week Slow Stitch Bible Tags & Freebies!

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See the Week 1 prompt at the bottom of this page. 

What is Slow Stitching?

Slow stitching is a new trend that combines classic hand stitching practices. It has become a trend because we need a break from this fast past world. Slow-stitching is not about perfect stitches! It is a thoughtful needlework method that focuses on intention and the joy that comes from creating rather than the final output of the piece itself.

What is Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling is a creative devotional practice. It is the practice of responding creatively to Bible study through art, prayers, or notes. It is usually done in Bible margins or notebooks.

What is Slow Stitch Bible Journaling?

Slow Stitch Bible Journaling is my term for stitching or printing Scripture verses on fabric. The project can be in an embroidery hoop, hanging on a wall, tag, or any other creative means. You can use any methods: quilting, knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch, etc.


Slow Stitch Bible Tag Challenge

IMPORTANT MUST READ:  I am a humble beginner, NOT a slow stitch teacher. I created this challenge so we can brainstorm together, learn together, and, most importantly, spend time with God!

I believe together we can come up with some super ideas.  This is a tag I created for Roxy's Slow Stitch Challenge  #roxysjournalofstitchery  Note the lovely imperfection :)

I'm just creating a simple challenge to encourage you to ponder and spread God's Word with slow stitching. Keep it simple, something you can do in one sitting.

  • I will provide a weekly prompt: a theme and object.
  • You choose the size and fabric you have on hand.
  • Create one tag a week.
  • Share in the Slow Stitch Bible Journal Facebook Group.
  • Use the hashtag #52SlowStitchBibleTags
  • Share in another place of your choice (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or a different group (Your chance to spread the Word!).
  • You don't have to complete all 52. Do what you can. 

Free Printables

To help you keep track, here is a 3-page PDF checklist.

Bible Tag Freebie

In challenges like this, there are usually two types: those who want to be guided step-by-step and those who want to do their own thing.  So here is a freebie to help you get started if you want it. 

  • The freebie tags are 6x3.3 inches. You can print smaller by adjusting your printer.
  • These are just samples if you need them, you don't have to use them.
  • To print on fabric: Iron, an 8.5x11 piece of Freezer Paper (cut paper or get these 8.5x11 sheets) onto your fabric to run through the printer. There are several Youtube videos to explain. 
  • Print the blank tags for a guide to cutting your fabric.
  • Includes cut file for those with a Cricut or other cutter. 

Here is the tag I am working on. Again, note the beautiful imperfection. :). I started with my favorite pearl cotton size eight thread but switched to 2 strands of floss and a smaller needle, hoping to get better stitches (not much difference).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to start?
    All you need are some fabric scraps, a needle, and thread - though there are plenty of beautiful trims and embellishments you can add. Look through your stash. 
  2. What size tag?
    It is up to you. However, make it a MINIMUM of 4x2; bigger is better, so you can read the Scripture easily.   
  3. When does it start?
    We are starting on August 1, 2022, but anyone can join anytime. 
  4. What kind of fabric?
    Any fabric and trims like ribbons, embroidery floss, yarns, buttons, lace, charms, etc.
  5. What kind of sewing?
    Any sewing. Use regular thread or embroidery floss. Straight stitching or fancy stitching. 
  6. Where do I get the tags?
    • You don't need to buy tags. You can make them from fabric and use a stabilizer (hard to stitch without a stabilizer). I prefer making tags at least 6 inches long. 
    • If you prefer paper tags, you can
      • Print your own from your printer
      • Print and cut with a Cricut.
      • Look for tags in your craft store.
      • Be careful ordering online. Check the sizes. You can get 4 3/4-in x 2 3/8 tags here
  7. How do I print on Fabric? 
    • To print on fabric: Iron Freezer Paper onto your fabric to run through the printer. Cut Freezer paper to 8.5x11 or get these 8.5x11 sheets to fit your printer.
    • There are several Youtube videos to explain. 
  8. Where do I get the verses?
    1. Create and print your own
    2. Look through Bible color books
    3. I'll be adding some to my Etsy shop
    4. Ill post occasional freebies in this blog. 
  9. What do I do with the tags?
    • Put them on a ring for review
    • Put them in a book.
    • Make a banner.  
    • They make adorable gifts. 

Where to Get Ideas

Many of the links will show small tags but remember you need at least something at least 4 inches x 2 inches to be able to read the verses. 6x3 is better. 


Week 1 Prompt

You can follow the prompt or do your own thing. Share with the hashtag #52SlowStitchBibleTags

Pray and talk to God while you stitch. I know we are primarily multi-taskers and will be tempted to watch TV simultaneously. Try just spending time with God instead. 

Let’s see how many we can get to join in by sharing on social media. (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) .   

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