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Hanukkah Class

Ignite your faith this Hanukkah with our transformative Bible journal class. Delve into the miraculous story, explore timeless lessons, and reignite your spiritual journey. Illuminate your path with Scripture, reflection, and a supportive community. Enroll now and let your light shine. The class starts on December 18, 2024. 


Illuminate the Miracle: Discovering the Profound Meaning of Hanukkah

Embark on an enlightening journey through our exclusive Hanukkah Bible journaling class, designed to uncover this sacred festival's more profound spiritual significance. In a world seeking light and hope, our class offers a unique opportunity to explore Hanukkah's rich history and traditions, revealing its relevance to our faith today.

Why Join Us?

  • Uncover the Power of Miracles: Delve into the awe-inspiring story of the Maccabees and the miraculous oil that burned for eight days. Discover how this ancient tale of faith and perseverance continues illuminating our lives, igniting a renewed sense of wonder and devotion.
  • Ignite Your Spiritual Journey: This isn't just another class; it's a transformative experience designed to kindle a deeper, more profound connection to your faith. Through engaging lessons and thoughtful reflections, you'll uncover the timeless lessons of Hanukkah, reigniting your passion for spiritual growth.
  • Connect with a Vibrant Community: Join a warm and welcoming community of individuals who share your desire to explore the depths of faith. Share your creative Bible journaling insights, ask questions, and forge lasting friendships as you celebrate the Festival of Lights together.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, our class is available online, allowing you to embark on this spiritual journey whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you.**

Special Features Include:

  • In-depth exploration of Hanukkah traditions and their spiritual significance.
  • Each lesson is accompanied by inspiring Bible journaling prompts (8-10), empowering you to create a personalized Hanukkah journal that captures your insights and growth.
  • Thought-provoking reflections on the themes of light, faith, and miracles.

This class is more than just an educational course; it's an invitation to experience the profound meaning of Hanukkah in a new light. Whether you're a lifelong believer or simply curious about this joyous festival, our Hanukkah Bible journaling class promises a journey filled with inspiration, enlightenment, and spiritual renewal.

Ignite Your Faith - Discover the Miracle of Hanukkah with Us.

In-Depth Bible Lessons and Bible Journaling Ideas


Embark on a journey through Hanukkah's captivating history and traditions, the Festival of Lights. Discover its profound spiritual significance, and explore how even Jesus observed this joyous holiday, revealing its enduring relevance for believers today.


Explore the historical context of Hanukkah, delving into the brave uprising led by Judah Maccabee and his family against the oppressive Seleucid Empire.


Discover the awe-inspiring story behind the miracle of the oil, which burned for eight days, and its enduring significance in the celebration of Hanukkah.


Uncover the rich tapestry of Hanukkah traditions, from lighting the menorah to spinning the dreidel, and their profound spiritual meanings.


Examine the unwavering faith of the Maccabees and how their trust in God's providence can inspire and strengthen our spiritual journeys.


Delve into the powerful symbolism of light in Hanukkah and its connection to spiritual enlightenment, hope, and the triumph of good over evil.


Reflect on how the message of Hanukkah can ignite a sense of spiritual renewal, encouraging us to rededicate ourselves to our faith and purpose.


Explore biblical passages that relate to the themes of Hanukkah, uncovering timeless lessons and insights that resonate with our lives today.

Bible Journaling Options  


You can cut and paste images into a Journaling Bible or use a digital Bible. If you are new you may want to try out a notebook method first.



Bible journal in a notebook or Treasure Journal. You can do this by printing and cutting out images or creating pages digitally. 


The quickest option is journaling on four-inch Memory Dex Cards (Printable or digital). Beautifully displayed in Dex Card Box. 



Robin Sampson, a dedicated homeschool mother of nine and a seasoned Bible teacher with over 30 years of experience, has significantly contributed to the Christian homeschooling community and spiritual education through her insightful writing and teaching.

She is the author of "A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays" and "Jesus in the Biblical Holidays," books that serve as comprehensive resources for families seeking to deepen their understanding and celebration of the rich traditions found in the Bible.

Robin's work intricately weaves together the historical and spiritual aspects of the biblical feasts, offering practical guidance for incorporating these celebrations into family life. Her passion for God’s Word and commitment to sharing biblical truths have made a lasting impact, guiding countless individuals on their journey of faith and discovery of Jesus Christ's central role in all biblical holidays.




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