A Christian Guide to Boundaries
Overcoming Codependency and Anxiety

Find freedom in your relationships through boundaries,
faith-based insights, and transformative practices.

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Guard Your Heart: A Christian Guide to Overcoming Codependency chronicles a profound journey of healing and spiritual renewal. Author Robin Sampson shares their personal odyssey, navigating through the turbulent waters of codependency, heart surgery, and spiritual awakening.

Drawing parallels between physical and spiritual health, they illuminate the profound connection between our physical heart and our spiritual well-being. Through candid reflections and insightful revelations, readers are guided towards identifying and addressing the root causes of codependency, paving the way for profound healing and spiritual growth.

This book serves as a beacon of hope and a practical guide for those seeking liberation from the shackles of codependency, offering invaluable wisdom and encouragement for the journey ahead. With heartfelt sincerity and unwavering faith, Robin invites readers to embark on a transformative quest towards guarding their hearts and spirits, reclaiming their divine purpose, and embracing a life of freedom and wholeness in Christ.