When The Bond Breaks

A Christian Guide to  Hope and Healing from
Adult Child Estrangement

One in four families is now affected by the emotional turmoil of adult child estrangement. This essential guide provides understanding and practical ways to navigate reconciliation amid this painful relational breakdown.

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When the Bond Breaks fearlessly confronts the challenging topic of familial estrangement, offering a compassionate guide for those navigating separation from a child or grandchild. Robin Sampson delves into the emotional complexities of estrangement with raw honesty and unwavering faith, providing insight, comfort, and practical strategies for healing and reconciliation. Key sections include:

  •  Understanding reasons for estrangement and family dynamics
  •  Analyzing estrangement through a biblical lens
  •  Working through related emotional issues like shame, judgment from others, past hurts
  •  Avoiding common mistakes in reconciliation attempts
  •  Pathways to reconciliation: prayer, forgiveness, setting boundaries

About the Author

Robin Sampson brings over 30 years of homeschooling experience and the wisdom of raising nine children to her insightful writing on Biblical truths. Through her bestselling books like "Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays" and her captivating Bible journaling art, Robin has touched the lives of countless individuals, guiding them on their spiritual journeys with grace and insight. Her dedication to sharing biblical truths has earned her widespread acclaim and admiration. Based in Nashville, TN,  Robin's online Bible classes continue to inspire and educate, impacting all who experience her transformative teachings.