Names of God


30 Bible Study Lessons and Bible Journaling Ideas

Many Christians do not feel worthy of God's love. Building self-esteem is not the solution. Your self-esteem is not the problem. Psychology teaches that the cure to low self-esteem is to love and trust ourselves more. I disagree. The real problem is a wrong view of God. The solution is to get to know God's character. God's names reveal different aspects of his character. He is so awesome, so complex, so vast and amazing, one name just can't describe Him. Studying his names, the fullness of who he is, his character and ways, leads to a healthy view of God and how he feels about his children.

Getting to know God's character is life-changing! How can we be changed into His image if we don't know his character? A. W. Tozer famously said that what we think about God is the most important and most formative thing about us. What we become is determined by our view of God. There is no more important subject matter for Christians.

Each of the 30 in-depth lessons in this class will teach you who God is and help you grow in an intimate relationship with Him.


How this Class Works

  • Log in each day to read the verses and devotional (self-paced, don't worry if miss days)
  • Copy the verse into your favorite journal item: notebook, Bible margin, or memory dex card, etc.
  • An optional printable and digital kit will be available at the Bible Journal Love Etsy Shop
  • Discuss what you have learned in the Bible Journal Love Facebook Group



Hi, I'm Robin Sampson. 

Over 20 years ago I found a structured strategy to unlock the treasures of God's Word to see it as one unified story. We journal through the entire Bible in one year using the 12 Bible Eras method studying each era for one month. 

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