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Exploring Jesus' Life and Teachings Through Bible Journaling
Gain Fresh Insights into the Gospels and Their Relevance for Your Life


Hi, I'm Robin Sampson McCarthy. You can learn more about me here.

Can you imagine four authors writing distinct biographies of the same person and those biographies completely overlapping without contradiction? That has only happened once in history.

The authors were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the subject was Jesus Christ. Each of the four Gospels focuses on a different aspect of Jesus and His personality.  This class will focus on the Jewishness of Jesus. When you study the culture of Bible times it is like using a flood light instead of a tiny pen light. The insights are powerful.

Since I began the 12 Bible Era studies, I have been looking forward to the Gospel Era.    Union with Christ is the most basic and most important part of being a Christian. Still, for many of us, being united with Christ may seem vague and hazy, not central or essential. This has very real effects on how we live with God every day.

As our understanding and appreciation of what it means to be united with Christ has decreased, so has our understanding of what it means to be saved. Even though we know what God saved us from, have we forgotten what God saved us for? 

Unveiling the Jewishness of Jesus: A Powerful Study of the Gospels

Subtitle: Illuminating the Life and Teachings of Christ through His Cultural Context

  • Discover the unprecedented historical event of four distinct, yet non-contradictory biographies of Jesus Christ, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • Explore the unique perspectives each Gospel writer brings to the life and personality of Jesus
  • Gain powerful insights by studying the culture of Bible times, like using a floodlight instead of a tiny penlight
  • Understand the central importance of union with Christ, the most basic and essential aspect of being a Christian
  • Reconnect with the purpose of salvation and rediscover what God saved us for, beyond just what He saved us from
  • Deepen your appreciation for the Jewishness of Jesus and how it enriches our understanding of His life and teachings

Don't miss this opportunity to unveil the Jewishness of Jesus and gain a powerful, life-changing perspective on the Gospels. Join us for this enlightening study and let the cultural context of Christ's life illuminate your faith journey.

Optional Gospel Bible Journal Kit 

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Bible Journaling Options  


You can cut and paste images into a Journaling Bible or use a digital Bible. If you are new you may want to try out a notebook method first.



Bible journal in a notebook or Travelers Notebook. You can do this by printing and cutting out images or creating pages digitally. 


The quickest option is journaling on four-inch Memory Dex Cards (Printable or digital). Beautifully displayed in a Dex Card Box. 


The Gospel Era is one of the twelve eras. Each of the 12 Bible Eras courses is designed to help you see the big picture of the Bible, seeing Jesus through both testaments.

The sixty-six books of the Bible are one magnificent unified story about God's loving, striving pursuit of restoring His relationship with us, His children.

The Bible can feel overwhelming and confusing, and if you have read through the Bible there is still a chance you may see it as a series of unconnected stories put together at random. To understand this story you need the key.

The Key is Structure

This course will help you easily understand the structure of the twelve Bible history eras. Having this key will enable you to put the major men and women and events together in their proper chronological order, as well as to understand how Jesus is revealed as Messiah throughout both testaments. As we learn about each era, we will Bible journal using different methods.

Unlock the Treasures of God's Word 

  • Over twenty years ago I found the 12 Bible Eras system by Max Anders, a classic, simple-to-use guide to Scripture.
  • I used Anders' book as a jumping-off place to write  Bible lessons for my children so I could teach chronologically using the division of the 12 eras. 
  • It was awesome! We saw Jesus in every book of the Bible. All the stories combine as ONE UNIFIED STORY!
  • Now you can take this class with a group and study one in-depth era study every month. 
  • The Bible is made up of 66 books written by 40 different authors from three continents who wrote in three different languages over a period of about 2,000 years. But they all tell one unified story easily studied in 12 individual historical periods.
  • When you put the pieces together it is like a beautiful symphony. 
  • I looked at many other programs and continued using this 12 Era study because it made the most sense. 
  • Each class contains 4-5 lessons per week and can be completed in less than a month.
  • Lessons can be completed in twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Bible journaling the lesson can take 20 minutes to three hours depending on the methods you choose.
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